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Hardcover Bookbinding

Taking cardboard, a leathery fabric, glues, thread, ribbon, and paper products, I printed and bound an adaptation of a video game I wrote called "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess."  The book was roughly 300 pages long (the first part of three), and from the photos provided, you can see a little of the bookbinding process and the end product.


The artwork on the last page was done by Elizabeth Paglione. And you can actually find the novel online to read in full on DeviantART.


The TARDIS (Doctor Who)

During the course of 2 1/2 weeks, I took on the project of constructing a TARDIS that measured 5' tall and 2' wide on all sides.  I also dressed the interior and constructed a central console that could fit into the main unit and be pulled out.


Materials for the build were cardboard, foamboard, paint, glues, and several odds and ends found at thrift stores or my own junk drawer.  One of the items for the lantern on top, for instance, is composed of a plastic CD case.


On the console, you will see the base of a Kerplunk game, various wires and TV cable, replaceable glow sticks, montior and keyboard, piano, doorstop (posing as a lever), miniature globe, steering wheel, Atari paddles, clock, constellation globe, and a phone.

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