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Welcome to my Blog

Enjoy some musings and articles about life, work, and movies!

Adentures in Work

A collection of blog entries on work experiences.


Finding Love for the Art Department: 10-10-13

Screenplay Finalist at the SNAFF Fest: 05-20-14

Adventures in Life
Movie Reviews & Articles  fa &

A collection of movie reviews, character studies, and other articles. Some of these even date back to the university days.

The Last Samurai: Of Sign, Symbol, and Subtext: July 2008

The Princess Bride-Story & Theme Script Analysis: Sept 2008

Firefly's Final Frontier: a Sci-fi/western analysis: Nov 2010


The Hobbit - An Essay on the HFR Format: Jan 2013

A collection of my many adventures.  Here's to an amazing life!


Indie Gathering 2013: 08-19-13

My First Comic Con: 09-21-13

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