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Loki Character Study

Taking an in-depth look at Loki across Thor, Avengers, & Thor 2


Loki, as played by Tom Hiddleston, is an absolute scene-stealer.  What evidence is there?  The famed Hall H appearance.  However, this is outside of the space the character actually inhabits.  What is it really that makes it possible for Hiddleston to simply appear onstage in full costume, spouting lines and struggling to remain in character, and win over an audience's affection the second he utters one syllable?  This in-depth character study will take a look at the progression of this character across his appearances in Thor, Avengers, and the newly released Thor 2, dissecting his words, actions, and silent reactions to the stimuli guiding his every decision.


Kid Loki


When we first meet adult Loki, it's not the scene you might be thinking of, for the true start of Loki's journey was not depicted in the theatrical release and is now but a bonus feature deleted scene.  This is where I prefer to begin, for it boggles my mind why this introduction of the brothers was not included in some fashion in the final version.  Loki joins his brother, Thor, before said brother's coronation.  Standing together, they jest and act as one might think siblings should.  There is an instant feeling of affection for one another as we learn of Loki's mischievous nature and Thor's brute nature, and though Loki can take mockery in stride, the laugh of the attendant pierces his veil and we see a flash of anger and the promise of pent up rage. 


From the exchange --


Loki:  I was being sincere.

Thor: You are incapable of sincerity.

Loki: Am I?


-- we are also introduced to the possibility that not everything we may now hear Loki say will be the evident truth of his heart.  He is a trickster ... and a liar, but at this point, it's all in good fun and with a touch of jealousy, as Loki blatanly says, "Sometimes I am envious, but never doubt that I love you."  This will be the definitive quote that, no matter how far Loki falls or progresses, will always be the truth of this relationship.  This envy is deeply shown in one of the very first close shots we see of Loki (in the theatrical edition) as Odin names Thor his first born and heir.

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