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The Final Fantasy nerd in me just fell in love.

So happy to see a Loki around.

The Whovian in me can die happy now.

Amazing cosplay work for any Halo fan.

Among a multitude of Fetts.

Found another wizard among the crowd.

Stargate represents!

My First Comic Con



I have always dreamed of venturing to a Comic Con event.  While I still hope to make it to an SDCC one year, attending one in Columbus was the next best thing.  After recently finishing the show Adventures of Merlin via Netflix--and crying for the entire 43 mintues of the last episode--I opted to attempt putting together a Merlin cosplay instead of tossing on a Hawaiian shirt in memory of everyone's favourite Browncoat pilot.


Parking was an absolute nightmare, but I finally made it and settled my nerves and exited my car.  I walked from the garage to the convention center, and I entered the magical realm of nerdom.  As soon as I saw a Yuna cosplayer I knew I was in a safe place where my obsessive nature could roam free, and roam I did.  For hours I walked around the con floor, meeting people and taking photos.  It was infested by Doctors and Browncoats and superheroes of all makes and styles, though the coulrophobic side of me could have dealt without one of the jokers I constantly crossed paths with.


I had brought under $100 with me to the con because I don't carry a lot of cash anyway, but--a virgin to the con experience--I had no idea that autographs from visiting stars had a pricetag attached.  With celebs like Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus, Ron Glass, Summer Glau, Ray Park, Sean Astin, William Shatner, and Stan Lee in attendance, I had to pick carefully who I wanted to meet.  The Browncoat in me won, of course, though I grabbed photos of most of those celebrities.  Meeting Ron and Summer were the absolute highlight of my day.  While one mispronounced my name, the other asked if it was Greek after complimenting me.  After getting their autograph, I offered out my hand to each because I my inner filmmaker wanted to show these stars that I was more than a fan, I was and am someone who will treat them with the respect in knowing they are a human being.  I can only hope that one day I might get the opportunity to work with one and/or the other.


Most of my time, as I spent a good five to six hours at the con, was spent just walking the floor, as I had missed any events or Q&As that I would've liked to have sat in on.  I met countless Mal Reynolds' and Jaynes and Kaylees, some of which I took photos of or engaged in conversations with about the show.  It was just so wonderful to be among people who lived these stories.  To these people they weren't just shows or movies or characters, they were part of their lives.  As a storyteller, to see this magic enveloping so many people was intoxicating.  I can only dream of affecting audiences in this way as I grow into my industry and craft and be a part of so many stories and adventures of my own.


Finally, just as I was about to leave, I decided to take one more turn about the floor, and I am so happy I did.  There at the Doctor Who merchandise booth was a standee of Eleven and one of Ten.  Only ... the standee of Ten was a real person!  Standing stock still among the Whovian scarves and jackets was the spitting image of David Tennant.  Hands in pockets in his classic stance, this Ten impersonator smiled and laughed when I did a double-take and walked straight back to him and poked him to prove he was real.  I complimented his cosplay and asked graciously for a photo.  He whipped out a great Ten accent for a bit as we geeked over being complete Whovians.


Attending Comic Con was an absolute joy, and one day, with my love of fantasy and sci-fi, I can only hope that one of my projects might take me to the other side of the booth, to the opposite side of the panel, to see so many smiling faces and know that I've given back and created something that will live in the hearts of at least a handful of nerds dressing up for a con.

So many assassins, so hard to choose who was the best.  These guys were pretty awesome, though.  "Tomahawk chop is ma death blow!"

So stunned to have met River Tam.

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