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Here, you'll find a collection of projects I have written / directed / acted in.


Sabrina confronts the trauma of her father's death. Runtime: 15.00min

Behind the Scenes & Trailer - LEGACY: Zelda Fan Film

BTS featurette and trailer for my short film based on The Legend of Zelda.


Sci-fi. Darling discovers her reality. Runtime: 12.00min

Pride & Pick Up Lines

It's a party. It's a period piece. It's a pick up line. Runtime: 7.53min

Rising Seas

Post-apoc drama. One room. Five scenes. Five shots. Runtime: 22.36min

GANONDAD: A Legend of Zelda Sitcom Parody

What would Ganondorf be like as a dad? Runtime: 7.23min

A PRINCESS QUEST: Chapter 5: The Bandit of Olde Towne

Two ladies have a merry adventure. Runtime: 10.00min

a little elbow grease

Drama. Two roommates finally confront each other. Runtime: 3.06min

TALISMAN - Proof of Concept Story Trailer

Supernatural. "Warrior Monks" protect against evil spirits. Runtime: 3.51min

Star Wars: The Force Relapses

Ep. VII is coming... and for one fan, so is an intervention. Runtime: 6.24min

The Coughing Dead

Weed turning people into zombies one puff at a time. Runtime: 8.10min

Official Trailer - The Nameless Cryst

The official trailer for my first feature film.  Trailer contains footage without finalised colouring or audio. Head over to the Nameless Cryst gallery!

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